What To Do With a Broken Crystal 

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Crystals hold a powerful energy that can be used to heal and balance our lives. However, it may come as a surprise to some that crystals can also break. Though it may be disheartening to discover that a crystal has broken, don’t worry! It’s still possible to make use of the pieces and create a powerful healing tool. Read on to learn about the reasons why crystals may break, the proper handling of broken crystals, tips for storing them and how to repair them. These simple steps can help ensure that your crystals stay safe and that their healing properties remain intact.

Reasons Why Crystals May Break

Crystals can be powerful healing tools, and while they are very strong, they are not indestructible. There are a few different physical and spiritual reasons why crystals may break. These should be taken into consideration when handling crystals. 

Physical reasons

One common way for a crystal to break is through physical damage like a sharp knock or dropping it on the floor. This is more likely to occur when handling it since our clumsy nature has a tendency to slip. 

Another common way that crystals can break is due to extreme exposure to temperature changes. Crystals should be stored in areas that are away from any type of heat source. If a crystal is exposed to any extreme change in temperature, it can cause the crystals to crack and break. 

Handling crystals too often can cause them to weaken and break. To prevent this, try to only handle your crystals when necessary and with a gentle touch. Crystals should never be picked up by their point or edges as this can cause them to crack. If you need to move them, make sure to use both hands and a flat surface to protect them. 

Spiritual reasons

On the spiritual side of things, crystals may also break for various reasons. A crystal may spontaneously break if it has served its purpose or if it is time to release the energy it has stored. This could be the case when a crystal has been held or used for an extended period of time. 

In addition, it may break due to an energetic overload or to signal a personal transformation. It is possible that the crystal is responding to an emotional event that is occurring in the user’s life. 

No matter the physical or spiritual reasons why a crystal may break, it is important to remember that the broken pieces can still be employed for healing and energetic work. While it may not be as strong, it has the potential to carry the same properties as a single, unbroken crystal.

How To Properly Handle a Broken Crystal 

When it comes to crystals, breaks can happen. Fortunately, there is still potential for crystals to provide healing and energetic benefits even when they are broken. First and foremost, it is important to properly handle a crystal when it is broken. Taking the right precautions can ensure that the user stays safe and that the healing properties of the crystal are not compromised. 


When a crystal breaks, it’s best to place the pieces in a separate, closed container away from other stones. This way, the broken pieces are not in contact with any other crystals and don’t pose a potential hazard. Additionally, treating a broken crystal with extra respect and care can help maintain its energetic balance and power. After the crystal has been placed in a safe container, it can still be used for meditation and other forms of spiritual work. 


Another important step for proper crystal handling is to clean the broken crystal. It is recommended to use either sage or water for this purpose. Smudging the pieces with a sage stick or submerged them in a bowl of water will help cleanse them of any negative energies. Once this step has been completed the crystal can then be used for healing or other spiritual purposes with renewed intensity. 

Sage and Palo Santo for smudging the broken crystal
Sage and Palo Santo for smudging the broken crystal


It is also important to properly dispose of any broken crystal. Especially if the pieces are too small to handle or if you believe that the crystal has served its purpose. Crystals typically come from the ground, from minerals and other forms of raw earth. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to just throw them in the trash. The safest option for disposal is to return them to the earth. Either by burying them in the ground or releasing them in a natural body of water. This way, you know the crystal will be recycled. 

Finally, it is important to remember that a broken crystal is still capable of providing healing and spiritual benefits. So don’t be too hard on yourself if one breaks, take it as a sign to start over and create a new intention for the crystal.

Tips For Storing Crystals and Avoiding a Break

Crystals are powerful healing tools and should be treated with respect. As such it is important to store them in an appropriate environment and take the proper precautions to make sure they’re kept safe and intact. They come in all shapes and sizes, each requiring individual care and attention to avoid a break. The following are some tips for storing crystals and avoiding a break. 

First and foremost it is important to store crystals in a safe place. Crystals are sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. Keep them away from extreme temperatures or abrupt changes in temperature. Make sure that their environment is not too hot or too cold to avoid them from spontaneously shattering or cracking.

The safest way to store crystals is in a velvet pouch or box. This will help protect them from damage and it also allows for the user to feel the energy of the crystal without actually touching it. Additionally, it is best not to mix different crystals. Storing crystals in a certain order and individually from one another, will help ensure that they are not disturbed. And that they aren’t rubbing against each other, which could cause them to break. 

When handling a crystal, always use both hands. The energy of your hands can help the crystal stay in its natural state, which makes it less likely to fracture.

Finally, it is important to remind oneself to handle crystals with care. This means not dropping or crushing them, and cleaning them in a gentle manner. Crystals should never be treated as disposable ornaments, and if one does break, extra care should be taken to properly handle, cleanse and store the pieces.

How To Repair a Broken Crystal

If a crystal breaks, there are a few possible solutions when it comes to repairing it. Physically, one way to repair a crystal is to use a substance such as an epoxy or a crystal adhesive to bond the pieces back together. This does require a certain degree of skill and may not be as aesthetically pleasing. 

On the spiritual side of things, crystals can also be repaired by programming or cleansing them. This is done to help the crystal restore its natural energetic balance and power. Programming a crystal is done by visualizing the crystal in its unified form, and sending it the intention to stay together and restore its natural strength. 

To cleanse the broken crystal, the user may smudge the pieces with a sage stick or submerge them in a bowl of water. This will help clear the energy of negativity and restructure the healing energy held within the pieces. Once the crystal is cleansed, it can be reassembled and used for its original purpose. 

Although repairing a broken crystal may sound intimidating, it can help the well-being of the user and the crystal. So it is important to take the appropriate steps to restore it if it has been shattered or cracked.

Although discovering a broken crystal can be disheartening, understanding the why and how of handling, storing and repairing it can help ensure that its healing properties remain intact. Taking the time to properly tend to a crystal can make all the difference, and with the right care and attention they will last a lifetime and beyond. Remember, no matter how a crystal breaks, its energy can always be restored with a few simple steps. Now go out there and explore the magical power within crystals!