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Welcome to the world of Tiger’s Eye crystal – a form of quartz that is known for its vibrant colors and wide array of healing and energetic benefits. Through its many shades and hues, Tiger’s Eye crystal offers both spiritual and physical healing. This crystal has been used since ancient times to help create balance in various minds and bodies. Whether you’re looking to add vibrancy to your home decor, delve into the metaphysical properties of this powerful gem, or use it to address physical and emotional imbalances, Tiger’s Eye crystal is a great option.

Understanding the Properties of Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Tiger’s eye crystal is a powerful crystal that carries both the energy of the sun and the earth. It has been used for centuries for protection and luck. This precious stone is an amulet for courage, strength and divination. It combines the earth and sun elements, providing the user with insight and foresight. The name “tiger” comes from the striped patterns that are found in the crystal, often compared to the eye of a tiger’s. 

Tiger’s eye crystal gives protection against bad luck and ill-wishes, while offering general protection, such as grounding. This crystal has a strong vibration that encourages courage, integrity and willpower. As a metaphysical stone, it helps with decision making, transformational healing, divination and meditation. In the spiritual realm, it gives insight into the truth behind any situation. It helps open the third eye and aids in prophetic visions. 

Tiger’s eye crystal also works on the physical level, providing energy and stamina. It helps support an individual’s immune system and can assist with digestive problems. This stone is also known to offer protection from negative energies and influences. It is an excellent grounding crystal and helps bring stability to any situation. It assists with the awareness of one’s own needs and boundaries and provides clarity when making decisions.

First known uses

Tiger’s eye crystal has been used for centuries for protection, luck, and its metaphysical properties. The first use of this crystal dates back to the ancient Egyptians, where it was widely used in amulets, jewelry and makeup. Egyptians believed that the striped patterns of the crystal tiger’s eye were like looking into the eye of a tiger, and this was thought to bring protection and good luck. Later, during the Roman Empire, the crystal was used in their coins and breastplates as a sign of protection. 

Tiger’s eye crystal was also used by many other civilizations, such as the Chinese and Indians, who included the crystal in their jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. It was believed to be a powerful amulet that offered protection from bad luck. In India, it was also commonly used in talismans and amulets to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. 

Tiger’s eye crystal has been used for its metaphysical properties for centuries. Many civilizations used it for divination, insight, decision making and clarity. It is believed to open the third eye, connecting to the spiritual realm, and providing an individual with prophetic visions and insights into their truth. In addition to its metaphysical uses, the tiger’s eye crystal is also said to increase energy levels, support the immune system and provide protection from negative influences and energies.

A Closer Look at Mining for Tiger’s Eye Crystals

Tiger’s eye crystal is mined from deposits in a variety of locations around the world, including South Africa, India, Russia, Brazil, and Australia. The crystal is predominantly found in shallow or dry deposits that range from surface to several meters below the surface. 

The process of mining

Miners begin by scouring the areas that are known deposits of the crystal. These types of deposits are typically in areas of dry or shallow sands. Miners carefully search through the deposits using a variety of tools, such as pickaxes, shovels, and sieves, to uncover the crystals. 

Once a deposit is located, miners must first prepare the area by digging down to the layer of earth that holds the crystal. Once this is done, the crystals are sometimes exposed, but more often, a muck scoop is used to gently scrape away the surface to uncover the crystals. 

Mining for tiger’s eye crystal is a dangerous operation that poses a variety of risks, from the physical hazards of moving large stones, to the environmental hazards posed by dangerous machinery and heavy dust. To mitigate these risks, most mining operations utilize machinery with minimal noise, dust, and vibrations. 

The mining process itself is labor intensive and can take anywhere from one to four hours to excavate just one crystal. Expert miners must use extreme care when mining the crystal to ensure it is not damaged. It is often cut into small pieces to make handling easier and more cost effective. 

After careful excavation, the tiger’s eye crystal is carefully collected. Non-crystals are then discarded or used for fill or decoration. Next, the crystal is cleaned of any remaining dirt by washing and brushing. 

In the end it’s polished with crushed diamond powder and sandpaper to enhance its beauty and bring out its natural luster. Afterward, the crystal is washed and heat treated, then cut into various shapes and sizes for use in jewelry and other decorative creations.

Metaphysical Properties of Tiger’s Eye Crystals and Their Benefits

Tiger’s eye crystal is a powerful metaphysical stone known to offer protection against bad luck and ill-wishes, while providing general protection and grounding. It encourages courage, integrity and willpower while helping open the third eye and aiding in prophetic visions. It is a powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to provide luck, insight, and clarity.

The crystal helps in decision making and transformational healing. It assists with focusing and goal setting and provides optimism and energy. It helps raise one’s vibration, attract positive energies, and break through subconscious blocks. Additionally, it helps build self-confidence, promotes clear thinking and enhances intuition. 

Tiger’s eye crystal is also known for its physical benefits. It boosts the immune system and reduces digestive problems. It helps restore energy levels, reduce stress and is a great protection from negative energies. In addition, it reduces fear, confusion and worry and encourages emotional stability.

List of Metaphysical Properties

  • Protection from bad luck and ill-wishes 
  • General protection and grounding 
  • Encouragement of courage, integrity, and willpower 
  • Opening of the third eye and aiding in prophetic visions 
  • Enhancement of decision making and transformational healing 
  • Focus and goal setting, providing optimism and energy 
  • Raising of one’s vibration and attraction of positive energies 
  • Breaking through subconscious blocks 
  • Building of self-confidence and clear thinking 
  • Enhancing of intuition 
  • Boosting of the immune system and reduction of digestive problems 
  • Restoration of energy levels and reduction of stress 
  • Protection from negative energies 
  • Reduction of fear, confusion and worry 
  • Encouragement of emotional stability
  • Enhancing of communication, both intra- and inter-personal 
  • Strengthening of one’s spiritual connection 
  • Increasing of psychic powers 
  • Leveraging of spiritual knowledge and wisdom 
  • Clears negative energy from environments 
  • Bringing abundance and prosperity 
  • Removing blocks from achieving one’s full potential 
  • Sharpening of perception and understanding 
  • Facilitating positive changes in attitudes, outlook and direction 
  • Connecting to the power of the subconscious mind 
  • Aiding in emotional healing and releasing old patterns 
  • Developing patience, emotional balance and inner strength 
  • Enhancing understanding of others and social situations.

How to Tell If Your Crystal is actually a Tiger’s Eye?

One way to tell if your crystal is a tiger’s eye is to examine its color and patterns. Crystal tiger’s eye typically has a honey-golden color and unique striped patterns. The patterns are created by the minerals in the crystal, giving it a unique and distinctive look. Generally, the stripes are more golden in color than the base of the stone. 

Another way to tell is to look for the specific hardness and luster that a tiger’s eye is known for. It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and an oily to silky luster. It is also a relatively durable crystal, making it ideal for use in jewelry and carving. 

Finally, you can use a gem testing machine to test for the specific elements that make up the crystal. During the test, the machine will measure the mineral composition and optical properties of the stone to determine if it is in fact a tiger’s eye. This is the most accurate way to determine if your crystal is indeed a tiger’s eye.

How to Care for Your Tiger’s Eye

Taking good care of your crystal tiger’s eye is essential for it to remain energized and in its highest vibration. Cleaning the crystal is an important part of the care taking process, as it helps to remove any lingering negative energies or debris. You can cleanse the crystal by passing it through the smoke of incense, smudging it with sage, palo santo, or cedar-wood, or submerging it in natural running water from a stream or faucet. It is best to avoid using salt water to clean the crystal as this can damage it. 

Once cleansed, the crystal should be stored in a safe, dry area, either in a box, small pouch, or by itself on an altar or sacred space. You may also choose to charge the crystal by leaving it out in direct sunlight for several hours, or simply by focusing your intention while holding the crystal in your hands. 

Regularly connecting with the crystal helps to deepen your connection with it, allowing you to receive its spiritual support and understanding. Taking some time to be with the crystal, either by meditating with it or simply holding it in your hands, helps to deepen your connection and allow it to better support you in your healing journey. 

Finally, it is recommended to occasionally bury the crystal in the earth. This helps to ground the crystal and reset its energies, allowing it to continue to work at its optimal level.

Good Combinations With Other Crystals

When looking to use Tiger’s eye crystal in combination with other crystals, a few popular choices can be considered. 

  • Chrysocolla – This healing stone is known for its calming and relaxing energies and is great for aiding in meditation and stress relief. It cleanses and replenishes the aura, bringing in divine energies of peace and joy. In combination with the crystal tiger’s eye, it amplifies the stone’s protective and grounding energies, while calming any fears or anxieties. 
  • Carnelian – This crystal is seen as a powerful stone of courage, strength, and protection. It opens the heart and provide clarity and focus in difficult times. When used in combination with a crystal tiger’s eye, it can help harness the stone’s mental and physical powers, while aiding in decision-making and clarity. 
  • Golden Rutilated Quartz – This crystal is known to boost the energy of the Tiger’s eye crystal while also providing spiritual guidance and inspiration. It helps enhance positive energies while providing grounding and security. 
  • Granite – This stone carries a strong grounding energy and is associated with strength and protection. It promotes balance and harmony in any situation. When used with a crystal tiger’s eye, it helps promote inner strength and clarity. 
  • Labradorite – This stone is associated with inner vision and self-discovery. It helps one gain insight into the truth behind any situation. In combination with the crystal tiger’s eye, it helps to open the third eye and access its powerful prophetic visions.
  • Agate – Agate helps clear and cleanse the aura, allowing one to open up and access their spiritual energies. In combination with the crystal tiger’s eye, it helps ground the individual while allowing one to connect with their higher-self.

Impact on Your Physical and Emotional Health

The tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal when it comes to the physical and emotional health of its wearer. It can help reduce fear, worry, and confusion while providing protection and grounding. It can also help boost the immune system while enhancing clarity and mental well-being. Tiger’s eye crystal is a powerful stone that should be worn or used with intention to benefit its wearer.

Emotional Health

This powerful crystal has a deep impact on emotional and mental health. It carries protective and positive energies, supporting focus, courage, and willpower. It helps to clear the emotions and bring clarity and understanding in times of confusion. 

Tiger’s eye is known to balance the emotions, restoring inner harmony and providing courage to take steps forward. It assists with self-esteem issues and boosts one’s confidence. This crystal encourages an optimistic outlook, creating a sense of self-acceptance and understanding. 

When used as a form of healing, the Tiger’s eye crystal is associated with releasing fear, worry and sadness. It helps aid in decision making, while promoting emotional stability and tranquility. It helps to clear the mind of any blocks, while removing any stagnant energies. 

This crystal also provides emotional balance, which can help its wearer become more grounded during difficult emotional times. It can reduce the severity of anxiety and depression, while also promoting positive vibes and happiness. 

Tiger’s Eye crystal helps create a stable mental and emotional state, while providing a protective shield against negative energy. It helps recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses, while accepting the present moment. Crystal tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal that helps bring balance and clarity amidst the thickest of emotions.

Physical Health

Tiger’s eye crystal also provides physical health benefits. It is widely used for its powerful grounding, protective, and healing energies.

This crystal increases energy levels in the body, helping us become more productive and keep us energized throughout the day. It also help to stimulate the mind, aiding in problem-solving, focus, concentration, and clear thinking. 

Tiger’s eye crystal also reduces fear, confusion and worry, allowing the individual to focus on the present. It is known to reduce stress, fatigue, and other physical symptoms of anxiety, such as stomachaches, headaches, and dizziness. 

It is beneficial to the immune system, increasing overall well-being and helping us to fight off illnesses. This stone is also associated with improved digestion, helping to reduce digestive problems, gas, and bloating. 

Lastly, the Tiger’s eye crystal reduces pain caused by various ailments. It is credited with providing relief from achy joints and muscles, headaches, backaches, as well as increasing circulation. 

All of these effects combine to create an overall feeling of wellness and well-being, making the crystal tiger’s eye a powerful tool for physical and emotional healing.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye in Practice to Get The Best Results For Your Physical and Emotional Health

It is best used through direct contact with the physical body. This may be done by wearing the crystal as a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, or carrying it in one’s pocket. If using it in a healing or meditative practice or ritual, it can be placed against the skin or held in the hands. To get the best results, it is important to spend time connecting with the crystal, focusing one’s intention on the healing power of the crystal and allowing its energy to flow into the body. 

When using the Tiger’s Eye crystal for healing physical or emotional issues, its power is best activated by whispering an intention for the stone to work with. It can be something as simple as “I intend for this stone to bring me peace and balance.” This allows the crystal to become attuned to one’s individual energy and purpose, enabling the energy to reach its maximum potential. 

Aside from wearing the crystal or holding it in the hands, it can also be placed around the physical body as part of a healing grid. Placing it between the brows, for example, can help enhance spiritual awareness and access higher states of consciousness. Placing it on the third eye can stimulate intuition, while placing it on the heart can help open one up to unconditional love. 

By connecting with the crystal’s vibration through focus and intention, one can harness the powerful healing energies of the crystal to restore physical and emotional balance. Whether it be through wearing it, holding it, or placing it around the body, a crystal tiger’s eye can help you take a step forward towards greater health and wellness.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for Chakra Balancing

Tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal that helps to balance the body’s chakras, restoring emotional, mental and physical well-being. Through its grounding and protective energies, it helps to bring stability to all aspects of one’s life. 

The Tiger’s eye crystal helps to bring the chakras into alignment, aligning their energy with the overall energy of the entire body. Once the chakras are balanced, the crystal helps to promote an energetic and spiritual alignment of the heart and mind. 

With the help of a crystal tiger’s eye, a person can create a state of balance, relaxation and healing. As the chakras are balanced, a person is able to experience a sense of confidence and contentment, allowing them to connect to their inner self and the world around them in a positive and meaningful way.

Before using crystals for chakra balancing, it is best to start with cleansing them with a smudging ritual.

Step by Step Guide on Using It for Chakra Balancing

  1. Start with meditation to clear and open your mind. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position with your spine straight and focus on your breathing. 
  2. Place pieces of the crystal around the body in their correlating positions of their corresponding chakras, from the root chakra to the crown chakra – this is known as the seven-chakra pattern. For example, the root chakra is at the base of the spine, and so a piece of tiger’s eye should be placed at this point. 
  3. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Feel the energy of the stones on each chakra. 
  4. Visualize a golden light streaming from the stones. Imagine the light growing and emanating from the stones to each chakra. This light is the healing energy of the tiger’s eye. 
  5. As you inhale, bring in the golden energy of the tiger’s eye to the chakra associated with it. Imagine the colors of the chakras beginning to pulse and vibrate. 
  6. As you exhale, send the excess energy out of the chakra into the universe. 
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with each chakra until you feel balanced. 
  8. After the chakra balancing session is complete, spend a few moments of silence, focus on your breathing, and enjoy the relaxed feeling of your chakra system.

When finished, one should feel a sense of peace, wholeness, and balanced energy. This can be done weekly, or whenever feeling out of balance. 

Life Applications of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone with a unique chatoyancy – the appearance of curved stripes or lines of light across its surface – that gives it a distinct flash of the tiger’s eye. This stone is a powerful aid in creating life balance and harmony. It helps to ground the energy of the user and balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Tiger’s eye can be used to facilitate courage and clarity of thought. It is also a great stone to use for protection, as it is believed to shield the user from negative energies, such as fear and anxiety. It can help to bring clarity and focus to the user’s intentions, as well as bringing greater self-esteem and motivation in life. 

Tiger’s eye can also be used to relieve stress and worry. By connecting the lower and the higher chakras, the stone cleanses and balances emotions and relieves tension. It restores harmony in relationships and helps the user gain a better understanding and appreciation of the world around them. 

It can also be used to improve the user’s mental strength and increase their self-confidence. Tiger’s eye brings out the best in people and enhance the hard work they put in. It is known to boost the user’s sense of awareness and provides them with increased levels of optimism.

15 Suggestions how to use it in everyday life

  1. Wear a small crystal tiger’s eye necklace to manifest strength and courage. 
  2. Place a tiger’s eye crystal in your living room to bring harmony and balance. 
  3. Place a tiger’s eye crystal under your bed to ward off evil spirits. 
  4. Place a tiger’s eye crystal in the entrance of your house to bring protection against burglary.
  5. Place a tiger’s eye crystal on your desk at work to help bring prosperity and success. 
  6. Put a tiger’s eye crystal in your wallet or purse for improved financial well-being.
  7. Keep a tiger’s eye crystal in your pocket for luck and protection from all sides. 
  8. Add a tiger’s eye crystal to a meditation practice to stay grounded and focused. 
  9. Hold a tiger’s eye crystal in your palm for 10 minutes for calming and grounding energy. 
  10. Place a tiger’s eye crystal in each room of your house to bring courage, clarity, and strength. 
  11. Tie a tiger’s eye crystal to your pet’s collar to reduce stress and anxiety.
  12. Use a tigers eye crystal at meetings, presentations, or interviews to boost your confidence. 
  13. Make a tiger’s eye crystal grid to enhance protection and prosperity. 
  14. Put a tiger’s eye crystal in your car for protection and luck. 
  15. Put a tiger’s eye crystal in your plant watering can to help bring abundance and growth.

Tiger’s eye stone is a popular gemstone often used in home decoration. It has a stunning array of warm colors including yellow, brown, and black, which give it a wonderfully earthly appearance. It has a stunning natural pattern of tiny stripes and hexagonal crystals, which make it aesthetically pleasing. Tiger’s eye also brings luck, protection, and financial prosperity. 

One of the most popular ways to incorporate a tiger’s eye into home decor is to use it as a decorative item. Tiger’s eye stone can be used as a centerpiece, a display piece, or simply as a comforting reminder of beauty in your home. It can be used to create a beautiful room accent, such as a statement wall clock, a table centerpiece, or a simple art work. Tiger’s eye can also be placed in the living room, on a coffee table, or even on a shelf as a reminder of its spiritual meaning. 

Another common way to incorporate a tiger’s eye is to wear it as a piece of jewelry. You can wear tiger’s eye pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to bring good luck, protection, and courage to your everyday life. For a special touch, try adding tiger’s eye beads to a piece of jewelry and wearing it as a reminder of strength and courage. 

No matter how you decide to incorporate a tiger’s eye into your home decor, it is always sure to be a beautiful and meaningful addition. With its many colors and calming energy, tigers eye is sure to bring a little bit of luck and protection with each passing day.

Creating an Intentional Atmosphere with Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a powerful, attractive and emotive crystal to work with, and can be used in many ways to create an intentional atmosphere. Whether you are looking to create prosperity, protection, clarity, strength, or harmony, tiger’s eye has a powerful energy which can assist in achieving your desired intentions. 

When using a tiger’s eye to create an intentional atmosphere, it is important to remain focused and clear about what you want. Think about how you want to feel, or the atmosphere you would like to create, then select a crystal or crystals to assist in amplifying that intention. 

Tiger’s eye can be used in many ways to create an intentional atmosphere. Placing pieces in your living areas, on your altar, in your workspace and bedroom will help to keep those areas bathed in protection and abundance. You can also use a crystal grid, with a tiger’s eye crystal at the center, to bring focus and clarity to a specific area or situation. 

Another powerful way to use a tiger’s eye is to focus on the intention while holding a piece of tiger’s eye in your hands and setting a clear intention at that time. This can be done in order to direct the crystal’s energy directly towards the intended purpose. 

No matter how you choose to use the tiger’s eye, it is important to remember to thank the crystal for assisting in the work you are doing and send it positive, loving energy. Doing so will help to activate and increase the energy of the crystal and create an even more powerful intentional atmosphere.

Step By Step Guide On Creating An Intentional Atmosphere

  1. Start by making sure that the space you wish to create an intentional atmosphere in is clear and free of clutter. It is also important to be focused and clear about your specific intention. 
  2. Select a piece of tiger’s eye or multiple pieces for the desired effect. 
  3. Cleanse the crystal or crystals of any unwanted energies, either by smudging or in a bowl of salt water. 
  4. Place the crystal or crystals in their desired locations within the space. 
  5. While holding the tiger’s eye in your hands, take a few moments to become present, to focus your energy, and to repeat your intention out loud, or in your mind, a few times. 
  6. Finally, thank the tiger’s eye for assisting in creating the desired intentional atmosphere of protection, prosperity, clarity, strength, or harmony. 
  7. Regularly cleanse and recharge the crystals to keep them energized and your atmosphere intention powerful.

Tiger’s Eye Effects on Zodiac Signs

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that works well with all zodiac signs and can bring a wealth of benefits. This stone is known for its protective and grounding qualities, which can offer emotional and mental stability to the wearer. It brings strength, courage and practicality, allowing for logical thought rather than emotional response. It can also attract abundance, wealth and luck to the wearer. 

There are certain signs that may find special use from Tigers Eye. For example, the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may find that this stone resonates well with them, increasing their practicality and helping them manifest their goals and desires. 

The Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius may find that Tigers Eye can also be helpful. It can provide protection, decision making and mental clarity, which can be especially beneficial during times of turmoil. 

The Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius may find that they can benefit from the protective qualities of Tigers Eye. It can help the mind to stay clear, promote good decision making and increase spiritual protection. 

The Water Signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may benefit from the calming and grounding qualities of Tigers Eye. It can also help with manifesting and grounding spiritual energy. 

No matter the zodiac sign, Tiger’s eye is said to be a powerful crystal that can bring protection, strength, courage, and clarity.

How Tiger’s Eye Benefits Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: A tiger’s eye can help bring protection and clarity of thought, as well as balance assertive energy. 

Taurus: A tiger’s eye can bring abundance, stability, and financial success. 

Gemini: A tiger’s eye can help promote clear thought, logical thought processes and protect against interference of the mind. 

Cancer: A tiger’s eye can bring physical, mental, and emotional healing, protecting the user from negative energies. 

Leo: A tiger’s eye can provide strength and courage while providing protection. For Virgo, A tiger’s eye can help with organization and focus, as well as manifesting prosperity and abundance. 

Libra: A tiger’s eye can help to balance and harmonize relationships, in both a personal and professional capacity. 

Scorpio: A tiger’s eye can help provide spiritual protection and uncover hidden knowledge. 

Sagittarius: A tiger’s eye can provide protection against negative energies and enhance optimism. 

Capricorn: A tiger’s eye can bring strength and courage, as well as help manifest financial success. 

Aquarius: A tiger’s eye can help bring protection and clarity of thought, which will encourage openness and communication. 

Pisces: A tiger’s eye can bring clarity of thought and encourage positivity, as well as protecting against negative energies.

A Guide to Tiger’s Eye Gem Elixirs and Crystal Essences

Tiger’s eye gem elixirs—also known as crystal essences—are a great way to benefit from the metaphysical healing properties of tiger’s eye. They are made by infusing water with the energy of the crystal to create a potent energy medicine. 

To make a Tiger’s eye gem elixir, start by placing a piece of tiger’s eye crystal in a clean glass bowl. Fill the bowl about halfway with cool, filtered or spring water, and place the bowl in a sunny location for two to three hours. 

Once the desired amount of time has passed, strain out the crystal, then transfer the tiger’s eye elixir to a dark glass container or spray bottle. Label your container with the name of the crystal and the date. 

Tiger’s eye elixirs can be used as a powerful potion for healing and protection. You can add a few drops to your drinking water, use it as a spiritual protective spray, or use it to anoint yourself. When choosing an intention to focus on when making tiger’s eye elixirs, focus on abundance, protection, clarity of thought, and strength. 

Be sure to frequently cleanse and recharge the crystal so it is always at its most potent and effective. With the right intentions and approach, this healing elixir can help you to manifest your wildest dreams.

The Benefits of Tiger’s Eye for Healing and Meditation

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful and powerful crystal, offering many benefits to those who use it for healing and meditation. It is a powerful stone of protection, helping to ward off negative energies and create a safe space for inner peace and balance. It can also help with clarity of thought and logical decision-making in difficult situations. 

The vibrations of a tiger’s eye can help to stimulate the mind and body, and offer support during times of transition and change. It can provide emotional support, allowing the wearer to be more open and receptive to positive energy. 

Tiger’s eye has traditionally been used for its healing properties. When used for healing purposes, it is powerful at boosting the immune system and easing muscle stiffness. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promoting spiritual growth by connecting the wearer to a higher vibration. 

For those looking to reap the Benefits of Tiger’s Eye for healing and meditation, it is important to keep in mind to set your intention and work with the crystal in a mindful and intentional manner. Additionally, keep in mind that the power and benefits of using Tiger’s eye for healing and meditation are amplified when used with other healing crystals and positive affirmations.

Guided Meditation with Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful crystal that can be used to help you access a peaceful, mindful state when it comes to meditation. This crystal has powerful healing and grounding energies that can help you clear your mind and stay focused. 

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space. Take a few moments to focus on your breath, and relax any tension or stress that you may be feeling. 
  2. Hold a piece of tiger’s eye in each hand, and take a few moments to focus on your intention. Be mindful of the weight, texture, and temperature of the crystal. 
  3. Close your eyes, and continue to focus on your breath. Breathe deeply and freely, and keep your gaze focused inward. Allow the healing energy of the tiger’s eye to wash over your body. 
  4. Remain focused on your breath, and keep your gaze inward. Let the healing energy of the tiger’s eye soothe, calm and ground your entire body. 
  5. Take your time and practice for as long as you need and feel comfortable.
  6. When you’re ready, take a few more deep breaths and slowly come back to the present. Be sure to thank the crystal for its assistance.

Through utilizing the power of Crystal Tigers Eye, you can open yourself up to greater love, healing and peace. Whether you’re looking to bring balance to your life or creating a beautiful atmosphere in your home, Crystal Tigers Eye is the gem to help you achieve it. With its wide variety of uses and applications, you can use this crystal to get in tune with yourself and the universe. So take the opportunity to take a journey with this remarkable gem and explore all the potential that it has to offer.