Crystals for Pregnancy

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Are you an expectant mother looking for an extra layer of emotional, physical and spiritual support during pregnancy? Look no further, as crystals for pregnancy may be just what you need! Crystals have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, reduce stress and provide emotional support during pregnancy. Incorporating these powerful, natural crystals into your pregnancy journey can help you relax, feel empowered and bring joy to your family. Read on to learn more about the amazing benefits of crystals for pregnancy and how to choose and use them!

Benefits of Using Crystals for Pregnancy

Crystals have been used for centuries to help support well-being. And when it comes to pregnancy, crystal healing can bring a range of health benefits that span physical, emotional and mental well-being. For many expecting mothers, the use of crystals during pregnancy can be a powerful and empowering choice as they try to create balance and harmony during a major life transition.

Utilizing crystals for pregnancy is a wonderful way to promote feelings of relaxation, provide emotional support, and assist with physical healing. Crystals can be beneficial for both the mother and baby during pregnancy. Here are the major benefits of using crystals for pregnancy.

Crystals have been used for centuries to reduce stress and promote calming, which is especially important during pregnancy. A layering of crystal energy can provide a peaceful atmosphere, aiding in improved sleep, better overall health, and maintaining a sense of inner balance.


Stones with an open, gentle energy can assist with emotional and energetic shifts taking place with the mother as she goes through the changes of pregnancy. Rose quartz, amethyst, and angelite are popular crystals for providing emotional support to mothers-to-be. 

Working with powerful energies of crystals can help the mother-to-be intuitively connect with and nurture her unborn child. Motivating stones such as green aventurine, tiger’s eye, or yellow citrine promote positive energy and reduce fears and worries that can accompany pregnancy.

Wearing and carrying crystals around the body can even create an energetic shield against any negative energies that the body and baby may be exposed to.

Some crystals, such as moonstone, can actually help stimulate positive hormonal balance, stimulating childbirth when the time comes.

The gentleness and nurturing properties of crystals can be soothing to overworked muscles and nerves and even to help relieve morning sickness. 

Crystals can help in the preparation of the physical body to bear the labor process physically and emotionally. Meditating with either rose quartz or carnelian can help relax the body, reduce fear, and promote positive energy.

Using crystals during pregnancy is a great way to ensure that your emotional and physical health receive an extra layer of support. Incorporating these powerful crystals into your pregnancy journey can help you relax, feel empowered, and bring emotional peace and joy to you and your family.

The benefits of using crystals for pregnancy are truly invaluable. Employing these natural, ancient energies is a wonderful way for the mother-to-be to connect with her baby, reduce stress and discomfort, and feel empowered as she prepares for labor and delivery.

Pregnant woman and her baby
Pregnant woman and her baby

Which are Best Crystals for Pregnancy

Crystals have been employed for centuries to promote feelings of calm and security, boost emotional well-being, and encourage physical healing. During pregnancy, crystals can be especially advantageous for both the mother and unborn baby. Here is a look at the best crystals for pregnancy and their benefits.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a crystal of love and healing. It is one of the best crystals for pregnancy as it helps promote an environment of unconditional love during pregnancy. This gentle crystal offers an abundance of soothing and peaceful energy and can be especially beneficial for providing emotional support to the mother and baby. It can help reduce stress, increase self-esteem and help pregnant mothers stay mindful and focused on their needs. It helps the expectant mother connect with her baby and encourages a loving relationship between the two. Additionally, rose quartz can even help stimulate positive hormone balance and promote healthy childbirth when the time is right.


Amethyst is a powerful crystal for reducing stress and encouraging an overall sense of calm. It can provide protection from any negative or hostile energy, creating a peaceful environment for a mother and her unborn baby. Amethyst can also help facilitate an intuitive connection between mother and child. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that has the ability to open pathways of communication between the baby and the mother. It helps them to communicate on a deeper level and provides a pathway of understanding between the two. Placing the mother’s hand on top of the crystal can help her to send her own love and positive energy to the unborn baby. This crystal also helps to enhance the overall energy connection and brings the mother and baby closer. Its purifying and protective power helps soothe emotional turbulence and counterbalance any negative energy that comes your way.

Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals
Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals


Moonstone helps pregnant women to trust the power of their intuition and guides them to be in tune with their body. Its healing powers can help to relieve the stress that expecting mothers often deal with during this life changing experience. It is also known to help to strengthen the ability to accept incoming unconditional love. Moonstone also eases the aches and pains throughout the nine months of pregnancy. It helps to keep  balanced and clear energies, aids in feelings of relaxation and even soothes the morning sickness that comes with pregnancy.


Garnet lends physical strength and stamina, as well as positive energy and attractiveness. This crystal can help benefit a woman’s physical state by providing help in restoring balance between her body and spirit, while encouraging healthy and safe labor. 


Aventurine is an excellent choice for encouraging motivation, improving body and energy movements, and promoting speedy recovery of the mother after labor. This crystal has been known to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy and reduce agitation, nervousness, and anxiety. 


Agate is one of the oldest stones used by humans. It is said to have the power of strengthening both a mother and a baby’s aura. Agate is believed to make a bond between a mother and her unborn baby, as well as between the baby’s parents. It is also known for helping to reduce labor pain.


Citrine helps new mothers-to-be to accept changes confidently. This crystal also helps to evaporate any negative energy that can come from within or from the outside. It helps to give the woman courage and good luck to become a strong and effective mother. 

Citrine crystals
Citrine crystals

For overall support, smoky quartz, amber and aventurine are incredible options for expectant mothers as they help transform negative energy, allowing a woman to move from imbalance to health and well-being during her pregnancy. These crystals are also said to create a loving atmosphere, nurture and protect the baby. 

When used correctly, these crystals can be invaluable during pregnancy. By utilizing their energetic power, a mother can rest more easily, provide greater emotional support to the baby, and increase the connection with her unborn child. 

It’s important to note, however, that the power of crystals cannot replace consultation with a certified medical professional during pregnancy.

How to Choose the Right Crystals for Your Needs

When considering which crystals to use during pregnancy, it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs. Whether you are looking for extra emotional support, physical balance, or spiritual connection during your pregnancy, there are crystals that can help. It’s important to choose crystals that will work with your individual needs and that you feel comfortable with during this special time. The right crystals can provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support to not only the mother-to-be, but also to her unborn baby.

Steps for choosing the right crystals

The first step to choosing the right crystals for pregnancy, is to consider why you want to use them. Think about what your goals are, what areas of your life you want to bring into balance, and what energy you want to focus on. This will help you to determine which type of crystals to look for.

The next step is to get familiar with the properties of each crystal for pregnancy and how they can benefit you during your pregnancy. Knowing the healing powers and the meaning of each crystal is important in order to choose the right ones. Knowing the metaphysical virtues of each crystal can help you better understand how it will work with your specific needs.

It’s also important to pay attention to your instinct. You will want to select crystals for pregnancy that you feel a connection with and that you are drawn to. This is because there is an energetic exchange between you and the crystals. The better the connection, the stronger the effects of the crystals will be. 

Finally, you can choose a way to carry your crystals with you. Wearing or carrying them with you in a pouch or even just placing them next to you when you are in bed can help to promote relaxation and energize your body.

By following these steps, you can choose the right crystals for your pregnancy and begin to experience the wonderful healing benefits they can offer.

Moonstone crystals
Moonstone crystals

How to Use Crystals for Pregnancy

Using crystals during pregnancy is a safe, natural and holistic way to promote well-being and provide emotional support during the nine months of pregnancy. Crystals can help with a number of issues that arise during this time, including stress, anxiety, emotional turbulence, and physical discomfort. 

Before using crystals during pregnancy, it is important to make sure that they are cleansed and charged. Below you’ll find all the tips on how this can be done.

Once the crystals have been cleansed and charged, you can start using them for various purposes. One method of using crystals for pregnancy is by holding the chosen crystal in your hand, breathing in its energy, and then slowly exhaling any negative energy from your body. Doing this on a regular basis gives you a peace of mind and a sense of balance. 

Another way to use crystals during pregnancy is to place the crystals around the woman’s body or in her sleeping area. This helps to create a field of loving and protective energy that surrounds the woman and her unborn child. When sleeping, the expectant mother can place the crystal at the bedside, on the abdomen, or even wear them as jewelry to ensure that the crystals are providing protection for her and her baby as they sleep.

Adding crystals for pregnancy to your meditation practice is also a great option. You can meditate as you always do, and hold your selected crystal for pregnancy in your hands. Or you can place crystals around yourself while you meditate. Explore what feels the best to you.

In addition to the above methods of use, crystals can also be placed around the woman’s home or on her windowsills to bring in loving energy.

Rose Quartz crystals
Rose Quartz crystals

Few suggestions on how to use crystals for pregnancy

Clear Quartz is a great crystal for pregnancy that promotes relaxation and relieves stress during pregnancy. Place the crystal near your bed or in your baby’s nursery for additional comfort. You can also wear a crystal necklace or bracelet. Wear the crystals daily to benefit from their calming vibrations.

Rose Quartz is a good crystal for pregnancy for improving the bond between a soon-to-be mom and her unborn child. Place rose quartz crystals around your home, or keep one near your belly during pregnancy. You can also wear rose quartz jewelry or fidget with a rose quartz worry stone for a daily dose of its peaceful energy.

Smoky Quartz is a beneficial crystal for pregnancy for relieving anxiety during labor. Keep a piece of smoky quartz near the bed or carry one in your pocket while in labor. 

Amethyst works to reduce tension and stress, helping the mother to stay calm and focused. Wearing an amethyst necklace can be beneficial for pregnant women, as can placing a piece of amethyst near the bed or baby’s nursery.

Selenite crystals create a calming atmosphere. Place selenite in your home or hold it during meditation or visualization practices. Wearing selenite jewelry can also bring a sense of peace to a pregnant mom-to-be.

By utilizing the power of crystals during pregnancy, an expectant mother can achieve an overall sense of well-being and be better able to handle any emotional or physical changes that may arise during her pregnancy. With the right crystals for pregnancy in hand and the correct techniques, crystals can help an expectant mother stay balanced, relaxed, and stress-free. Consider keeping a few crystals near your bed, baby’s nursery and wear them as jewelry to make the most of their calming vibrations.

Smoky Quartz crystal points
Smoky Quartz crystal points

Tips for Storing, Cleansing, and Charging Crystals

Taking proper care of crystals for pregnancy is an important step in reaping their benefits. Storing, cleansing and charging crystals is essential for preserving their natural beauty, as well as their healing properties. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help maintain their energy and luster.

Keep your crystals in a safe place. Store them away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat, cold, or moisture. 

Clean your crystals for pregnancy regularly. You should clean them at least once a month.  For a gentle cleanse, rinse them in lukewarm water and dry them. To remove harmful and unwanted energies, place them in the smoke from a burning white sage bundle.

To charge the crystals for pregnancy, you can either put them under full moonlight or sunlight for a few hours. Additionally, it’s a good idea to place the crystal on a piece of Selenite for a full day – this will help to “activate” its healing energies. 

Practice good energy hygiene. You can do this by using positive visualization and imaging white light going through the crystals for pregnancy and surrounding them with positive energy. 

Your own energy and intentions will affect the crystals. Clear your mind and take a few moments to ground yourself before and after handling them. Connect with your crystals. Spend time with your stones, and get to know the kinds of energies they attract and which they struggle to absorb. Be sure to thank them for the work they do for you. 

With these storage, cleaning, and maintenance tips, your crystals will remain safe and full of powerful, positive energy for years to come.

Sage and Selenite crystal for cleansing and charging crystals
Sage and Selenite crystal for cleansing and charging crystals

The History of Using Crystals During Pregnancy

Crystals have been used for centuries to aid in a successful pregnancy. Many cultures around the world have always believed in the healing power of crystals for pregnancy, and many have a long history of using crystals during pregnancy. 

In Chinese medicine, crystals were believed to “turn the fetus” and prevent miscarriage. Chinese healers used jade, amethyst and rose quartz to reduce morning sickness, stabilize emotions, and help with the birthing process. In India, turquoise was used to bring harmony and balance during pregnancy. 

In some traditions, the pregnant woman wore a crystal for pregnancy or crystal jewelry at all times. Alternatively, the woman would keep a crystal in her pocket or close to her body. So that it would offer protection and healing qualities to her and her growing baby. Some crystals for pregnancy were used with ritualistic ceremony or in spell-casting. Others were placed directly over the maternal womb to aid in the passage of energy and the nourishing of the unborn baby.

In Europe, carnelian was often used to focus positive energies in the womb and offer protection to the mother and baby. Emerald was thought to bring harmony, balance, and understanding between the mother and baby. Clear quartz was believed to focus physical energy to the baby. The Ancient Egyptians also believed in the power of quartz. They often used it to treat fertility issues as well as to predict the sex of the baby. 

In ancient times and up to the modern day, various cultures have developed various ways to use crystals to promote a successful pregnancy. Even today many parents swear by the healing benefits of crystals during pregnancy. Pregnant women who choose to use crystals can do so to support the health and well-being of their baby and themselves.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

What to Consider Before Using Crystals During Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, crystals can be a great way to add healing energy to the mom-to-be’s life. They can provide emotional and spiritual comfort, help promote relaxation, and reduce stress. Crystals can also help to promote a healthy and successful pregnancy. However, before using crystals for pregnancy, there are a few things to consider. 

First and foremost, it is important to ensure that the crystals being used are safe for pregnancy. Some crystals contain lead, which can be harmful to both mother and baby during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to purchase crystals for pregnancy from reputable sources and check their safety before using them.

Second, it is important to get to know the healing properties of each crystal and how they may benefit the pregnancy. Not all crystals are beneficial for pregnancy. We suggested some of the crystals for pregnancy that are valuable and safe to use. You can also ask your doctor or midwife for advice if you are unsure about any crystals.

Third, be sure to cleanse the crystals for pregnancy regularly and protect them from being exposed to any harmful energies. Cleansing and protecting the crystals will help them to remain powerful. This will also ensure that they are providing the maximum benefit to you.

Fourth, it is important to be aware of potential risks. While crystals can provide many benefits, they shouldn’t be used in place of medical advice. Always consult a physician or midwife before using any new treatments, especially during pregnancy. 

Finally, be sure to stay in tune with your body and needs. 

Overall, with a little extra preparation and knowledge, crystals can be a beautiful addition to any pregnancy.

Final Thoughts on Crystals for Pregnancy

Crystals are a powerful and natural way to add extra emotional, physical, and spiritual support during pregnancy. Educate yourself on the right crystals for pregnancy. Get them from reputable sources. Cleanse, charge and store them regularly, and stay in tune with your needs. Utilizing the power of crystals during pregnancy can help to bring a sense of balance and well-being to any expectant mother. With the right crystals and a little extra preparation, crystals can be a beautiful addition to any mother’s pregnancy journey.